Committing to Integrity and Accountability

As a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization, we actively fundraise for our annual operating and project costs. In order to keep providing high-quality resources, expand our initiatives and fulfill our mission, we focus on diverse revenue sources. Our funding comes from individual donations, revenue from educational events, membership dues, grants from government, and unrestricted grants from the corporate sector.

The integrity and credibility of Pain BC and our members is always our main consideration in all fundraising activities. We do not accept any funding that compromises our

  • Editorial or programmatic independence
  • Organizational integrity
  • Operational planning
  • Strategies, vision, and values.

We also specifically do not accept funding from pharmaceutical or medical device companies.

To ensure these strict standards are met, all funding is bound by our Sponsorship Policy and carefully evaluated by our Executive Director and board. This policy applies to all corporate funding and sponsorships we receive, whether these are solicited or unsolicited.

If you’d like to support our valuable work, find out more about how to become a donor.