For Kids and Teens in Pain (and their Families)


MyCarePath is a free online resource for teens ages 12 - 17. When it comes to pain in kids and teens, early intervention is key. This site gives teens the right information so they can take action and be in charge of their own pain managment plan. It was created in collaboration with BC Children's Hospital and the UBC Department of Pediatrics. Visit to get started.

For Parents

Chronic pain can have a major impact on the day-to-day lives of children and teens. It can disrupt schooling, sports and connecting with friends. Parents often struggle with how best to support their child or teen to function, despite ongoing pain. Children and teens with chronic pain often feel alone and misunderstood. Get the support you need here: Return to Functioning in Children and Teens with Chronic Pain: The Role of Parents.

Children with persistent pain and their families are also urged to have a look at the "For Families" section of the BC Children's Hospital Pain Service website where they will find books and other resources which deal specifically with pediatric pain.

Apps to Help Manage Pain

Check out this cool list of apps to help manage persistent pain.

Understanding Pain

Learn more about Kidshealth in New Zealand.

Camp Pain Retreat

The Camp Pain Retreat website is for parents of children who experience recurring headaches and stomachaches. The site is also for the children themselves. While parents can learn information to better understand their children's pain, children can learn ways to better cope with, and maybe even prevent, headaches and stomachaches.

Chronic Pain in Kids - CNN Report


 It Doesn't Have to Hurt

How many times have your kids been upset about going to the doctor because they’re afraid of the pain that goes along with getting a needle?  Every parent (and health professional) wants to know how getting a needle can be easier for everyone. Learn more from the Centre for Pediatric Pain Research.