Health Region: 
Clinic Details: 

CHANGEpain is a multidisciplinary pain management clinic led by pain physicians. Their team includes pain specialists, anaesthesiologists, general practitioners, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists. 

Services Provided: 

Core Program (Covered by MSP):
Trigger Point Injections
Group Medical Visits including: Starting to Change Pain, Moving to Change Pain, Healing to Change Pain, Committing to Change Pain and Nutrition to Change Pain

Core+ Program:
Peripheral Nerve Blocks (covered by MSP)
Gunn IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) (private pay)
Occupational Therapy (private pay)
Physiotherapy (private pay)

Complex Care Services:
Pain Specialist Consultations (covered by MSP)
iSITES (Integrated Specialist Interventions Targeted by Enhanced Sonograms)  (covered by MSP)
Pain Infusion Therapy Program (private pay) 

Phone Number: 
phone: 604.566.9101  fax: 604.566.9102

GP or Specialist referral required for MSP services.