Nanaimo Regional General Hospital

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All services are covered by MSP. We accept patients with active WCB and ICBC claims, with pre-approval.

We are an interdisciplinary pain program that aims to increase functionality in our patients and empower them to be their own care providers. We offer education, group therapies and, when appropriate, medical procedures. Our facilities offer dedicated suites for fluoroscopy and ultrasound procedures. As a hospital-based clinic we also have operating room privileges as well as emergency personnel on-hand at all times, maximizing the safety of high-risk procedures like spinal injections.

Due to the comprehensive nature of our pain program we also serve as a training facility for nursing students and specialist physicians with an interest in pain. We are unique in that our physician staff consists of only North American board-certified pain specialists trained at the University of Western Ontario, the Cleveland Clinic and the University of Michigan. They have advanced training and experience in spinal intervention, spinal cord stimulation, intrathecal pump placement and radiofrequency lesioning. We commonly treat complex chronic cancer pain, severe refractory neuropathic pain syndromes and spine and musculoskeletal pain. Our team strongly believes that medical interventions, such as injections or surgery, are needed and appropriate in only a minority of cases. Rather, we prioritize education, rehabilitation and self-management. Our approach was shaped by the training and experience of each of our team members and continues to be revised in accordance with the most current research on chronic pain.

Our physicians also have training and experience with alternative therapies such as chiropractic and prolotherapy and strive to offer a balanced perspective. We take time to discuss all the available treatment options and help patients navigate through the myriad of information on pain medicine.

All of our patients go through our Explain Pain group, an education program designed to help individuals better understand their pain such that they can begin to come to terms with it and learn to better care for themselves and regain control over their lives. Following the Explain Pain group, patients may involve themselves in other aspects of our pain program including rehabilitation therapies.

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  • Weekly interdisciplinary team meetings to discuss cases. GPs are invited and encouraged to join us for these via phone or in person. They take place Thursdays, 8:00 am-9:00 am 
  • Introductory self-management classes, covering neurology and anatomy as it relates to chronic pain conditions
  • Advanced self-management classes
  • Occupational Therapy that employs progressive techniques that encourage changes in the nervous system (graded motor imagery, mirror box therapy and others)
  • Low back and neck pain groups, aqua therapy and gym classes led by Physical Therapists
  • Group TENS trials
  • Mindfulness meditation led by our Social Worker, offered in groups as well as one on one sessions.
  • Psychology group sessions, one on one sessions also available on a limited basis.
  • We offer educational classes on the pharmacology of pain medications as well as sparing one-on-one consults with our pain Pharmacist
  • Consultations with Pain Fellowship-trained and North American board-certified specialists, when appropriate
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If you are a pain patient interested in gaining a deeper understanding of your condition and are motivated to play an active role in your care, please have your GP fill out the ISLAND HEALTH online referral form.