Pain BC MOVEment Day 2017

Jun 11 2017 - 8:00am

Daily movement is vital to improving the quality of life for people living with pain. However, many of us have limitations and can't participate in a typical 5km run or walk style fundraiser. Many of these types of events also take place in major cities, excluding those not able to be there in person. That's why, for the 2nd year, we're inviting you to participate in our fun, inclusive, health-focused MOVEment Day on June 11, 2017.

If You Live With Chronic Pain, Pledge to MOVE!

Any physical activity - as long as it's safe and approved by your medical team - can be highly beneficial for chronic pain. You can pledge to go for a gentle walk, play a game with a friend, do some light gardening, go for a swim, or even host a pyjama dance party, like participants did last year! We know that people in pain have a limited capacity to give when it comes to fundraising, so consider asking your friends, family, or colleagues to join you and to support your MOVEment pledge by making a donation to Pain BC on your behalf.

There is no cost to making your pledge; you're simply signing up to participate.

If you're a health care provider, caregiver, friend or family member of someone in pain, you can show your support by participating in MOVEment day in two ways:

  1. Donate to support a MOVEment pledger
  2. Set up a team activity that you and your staff, colleagues, friends, or family can do together, whether it's a group bike ride, yoga class, or swim! Make your MOVEment pledge, raise funds together, and then donate to Pain BC. Your tax-deductible donation goes directly to supporting people with pain.

Donate as a Wellness-Oriented Business, Company, or Organization

Are you a business, organization, or company that supports wellness and movement? You can directly impact the 1 in 5 British Columbians living with chronic pain by supporting MOVEment 2017. Make a tax-deductible donation now in support of healthy activity and those living with pain.