Pain BC Brochures

Pain BC has brochures outlining our supports and services for people in pain and their families. You can download or order (free of charge) below. These are great resources for health care providers to share in an office or waiting room. We've also created a useful guide to our free online self-management tool, Live Plan Be, for you to use when discussing the tool with patients. 

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Free Downloadable Resources

The Patient Brochure

  • Let those in pain know they are not alone and that their pain is real
  • Explain the “pain spiral” leading to a pain-centred life and the process for breaking free from pain
  • Introduce people living with pain to Pain BC and our mission
  • Encourage people in pain to become active participants in the self-management of their pain
  • Offer support, resources, and an invitation to join our growing online communities on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Download the Patient Brochure

The Friends and Family Brochure

  • Help friends and family better understand what living with pain is like
  • Explain why it's so hard to know what to say and how to support a loved one who lives with pain
  • Offer support, resources, and an introduction to Pain BC

This is also an excellent tool that can be given to people living with pain to distribute to their support networks. 

Download the Friends and Family Brochure

The Live Plan Be Brochure

  • Learn about the powerful, online, self-management tool called Live Plan Be
  • With this free resource, patients can learn about the science behind chronic pain; keep track of their symptoms and impacts; develop a plan for better pain management; and connect with a like-minded community of others who live with pain

Download the Live Plan Be Brochure

How to Use Live Plan Be for Your Patients (for Healthcare Providers) Handout

  • Start the conversation about pain management with your patients
  • Explore key Live Plan Be resources to help you better understand the tool
  • Learn how best to use Live Plan Be to support your patients, no matter where they're at on their pain journey

Download the How to Use Live Plan Be for Your Patients Handout (PDF only - not currently available for order)

Pain Support Line Rack Card

  • Provides information on Pain BC's Pain Support Line program, which offers a listening ear to people wanting to talk about their own pain or that of a family member or friend
  • The program connects people in pain to community resources including health care, social services and supports, income assistance, transportation, home health support, food security, housing, and more.

Download the Pain Support Line rack card (4 x 6")

The Coaching for Health Poster

Download the Coaching for Health Poster (8.5 x 11) Print on letterhead-sized paper in colour or black and white.

MyCarePath Brochure

    For adolescents in chronic pain, this brochure introduces, Pain BC’s a free online tool designed for kids and teens aged 12-17 living with chronic pain.

Download the MyCarePath brochure