Overcoming Challenging Relationships: Using the Therapeutic Relationship to Promote Neuroplastic Change in Chronic Pain Patients

July 12, 2017 5:00PM

Frustration. Anger. Sadness. Anxiety. These are common emotions in the chronic pain experience. As health care providers, we must often navigate strong emotions in sessions with our patients. This webinar is for any provider working with patients with chronic pain. You'll learn to decrease stressful communication between you and your patient, and help support your patient's motivation and ability to self-manage.


The therapeutic relationship between providers and patients has long been an assumption of practice. Yet how do we use this with our most complex and challenging patients? Recent studies suggest the treatment of chronic pain has gone too far into the'technical aspects' of treatment and has minimized focus on the relational aspects of care, despite evidence that therapeutic relationship is a crucial factor in patient outcomes.



This webinar will:



  • Examine how to encourage patients to make positive health-related changes in their lives and how we can think about success
  • Discuss how practitioners can have a direct impact on patients by developing greater regulation of their emotions and possibly their wider biological systems
  • Review current research on the impact of therapeutic relationship with chronic pain patients
  • Discuss the crucial relationship skills that we need to be using in practice
  • Highlight common challenges in relationships along with strategies to address them



Please note the new date for this July 12, 1017.


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