Gentle Movement & Relaxation Course: Next Steps

I've completed the Gentle Movement & Relaxation course. Now what?

Pain BC would like to support you to deliver the Gentle Movement & Relaxation program in your community. Here are some resources and ideas to get you started.


To find a venue for your course, we recommend contacting your local:

  • Community/recreation centres;
  • Yoga studios;
  • Seniors centres; or
  • Libraries

If you're not sure who to talk to, ask for someone with a title like "Recreation Director," as they will likely be your best contact for booking a venue. If you require support with venue booking, please contact


Gentle Movement & Relaxation was developed to address the lack of access to professional movement services in rural and remote communities in British Columbia. Therefore, your course should be offered at a financially accessible fee, while also covering the costs of your time, the venue, etc.

If you are unsure what to charge, contact


Posters and other advertising materials can be found in the Facilitator Resources folder. In addition, if you are planning to offer Gentle Movement & Relaxation in your community, we want to help you promote it!

Email with the following details and we will list your course on 

  • Dates of program
  • Venue – name, street address, city, postal code
  • Registration fee
  • How to register/sign up and who to contact for more information 

Practice makes perfect!

Before offering the program, make sure to practice delivering all the necessary content in the course with a colleague or friend. This will help you to feel confident with the material, including delivering the pain science education, mindfulness activities, and the movement exercises. Have them provide feedback so you can improve and make sure to have your clients complete the evaluation forms to support the improvement process.


Resources for participants and trainers (including worksheets, handouts, slides, posters and evaluations) are included and are available for download at the end of the course. Please email if you have trouble accessing any resources.