About Pain BC



Our goals

  • Prevent persistent pain and intervene early to reduce its impacts
  • Empower people who live with pain to enhance wellbeing
  • Educate health care providers to better assess and manage pain
  • Improve the systems that impact people in pain, communities and society
  • Combat stigma and its negative effects
  • Foster research on pain and pain-related disability

Our approach

Pain BC aims to enhance the well-being of all people living with pain through empowerment, care, education and innovation. This can't be done without changing the systems that people in pain rely on to live well. 

Our programs


Live Plan Be

A free online self-management tool for people living with chronic pain. Connect with others who live with pain, track your health and learn about the science of pain.

Coaching for Health

Our coaches provide one-to-one telephone support to help you learn self-management skills and regain function.

Pain Waves

Pain Waves is a podcast created by Pain BC where listeners can hear leading chronic pain experts and people in pain discuss the latest pain management research, tools, stories, and trends.

My Care Path

MyCarePath.ca is a free online tool designed for kids and teens aged 12-17 living with chronic pain. Find the information and tools to help you return to school, spend time with friends, and get back to doing things you love.

Pain Support Line

We know your pain is real. We provide free information, support, and a listening ear to people wanting to talk about their own pain or that of a family member or friend.

Pain Support and Wellness Groups logo

Our groups provide online pain education and ongoing peer mentorship and support to people living with persistent pain throughout BC.

Who we are


Pain BC's work wouldn't be possible without our board, staff and volunteers, including faculty, event volunteers, committee members, and patient leaders.

Each member of our team provides crucial expertise, support, and connection to the community.

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