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Pain BC professional education FAQs

I’m not in British Columbia. Can I still take your courses?

The following Pain BC programs for health professionals are available to health care providers living outside of British Columbia:

I’m not a health care provider. Can I still take your courses?

Pain BC’s online courses are only available to registered health care providers, with the exception of our free webinars [link], which are open to anyone with an interest in pain. If you’re a person living with pain, we recommend visiting Live Plan Be, a free online self-management and education tool that enables people in pain and their families to learn about pain, keep track of symptoms, and develop a plan for better pain management and quality of life.

I’d like to register staff from my organization in one of your courses. How can I do this?

If multiple people from your organization are interested in taking one of Pain BC’s online courses, please contact education@painbc.ca with each registrant’s first and last name and email address, and we will manually enroll your group. Alternatively, staff members can sign up individually by visiting any of our course pages.

Online course questions

Questions related to accessing and using our online courses including Pain Foundations for Allied Health Providers, Pain Foundations for Primary Care Providers, Gentle Movement & Relaxation and the BC ECHO for Chronic Pain.


How do I log in to my course or program?

To log in to Pain Foundations, Gentle Movement & Relaxation, or the BC ECHO for Chronic Pain, click on the ‘user’ icon in the upper right corner of your screen (beside the text: “Log into your Pain BC course”) and enter your email address and password.

If this is your first time logging in, you’ll need to use the temporary password we sent you by email. Once you have entered your login credentials, you’ll see a list of the Pain BC courses you’re registered in (Pain Foundations and/or Gentle Movement & Relaxation and/or ECHO). Select the course you’d like to access to be taken to the course dashboard on LearnUpon, Pain BC’s online learning management system.

My temporary password isn’t working. What should I do? 

If you’ve just registered for one of our online courses, it may take up to 10 minutes for your registration to be processed. If your temporary password doesn’t work right away, please try again in a few minutes. If your temporary password does not work and more than 10 minutes has passed since you registered for the course, please contact us at learnersupport@painbc.ca.

I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do? 

If you’ve forgotten your password, click the “Forgot your password?” button on the login screen and check your email for a code to reset your password. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, check your spam folder as it may have gone there. If you still haven’t received the reset code, please contact us at learnersupport@painbc.ca.

There’s a factual error in a course. Who should I contact? 

We appreciate your careful attention to our course content. Please contact us at learnersupport@painbc.ca to alert us of any errors.

I’m experiencing technical issues with LearnUpon (Pain BC’s online learning management system). What should I do? 

Many issues with LearnUpon are related to the user’s internet browser. We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome to access LearnUpon. You can also try refreshing your browser’s cache. If you continue to experience issues, get in touch with us at learnersupport@painbc.ca.

I can’t download the resources at the end of Pain Foundations or Gentle Movement & Relaxation. What should I do? 

If you’re unable to download the resources, please contact us at learnersupport@painbc.ca.

Are the slides in Pain Foundations and/or Gentle Movement & Relaxation available to download?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to download the Pain Foundations and/or Gentle Movement & Relaxation courses. However, at the end of each course, you will find a link to download materials and resources mentioned throughout the courses. You’ll also still be able to access the course once you have completed it, so you can revisit the content any time.

Why is there a time limit on Pain Foundations and Gentle Movement & Relaxation? 

Learners have 120 days to complete Pain Foundations, and 40 days to complete Gentle Movement & Relaxation. This is because we have limited space on our learning management system and want to encourage learners to complete the course in a timely fashion. If you require an extension for either course, please contact us at learnersupport@painbc.ca and we’ll be happy to extend your time.

Can I access LearnUpon on my tablet or phone?

Yes. There is an iOS mobile app for iPhone and iPad users available for LearnUpon.

How do I switch between multiple Pain BC courses? 

Yes. If you are registered in Pain Foundations, Gentle Movement & Relaxation, and/or the BC ECHO for Chronic Pain, you can switch between courses without having to log out and back in. Once you’ve logged into LearnUpon, find the ‘crossing arrows’ icon in the upper right corner of your screen (near your name). Click on that to open the dropdown menu. For Pain Foundations, click ‘Pain Foundations.’ For all other Pain BC online courses, click ‘Pain BC Education.’ Note that if you don’t see this icon, you’re likely not registered in more than one course. Please contact us at learnersupport@painbc.ca if you have any questions.

Questions about the BC ECHO for Chronic Pain live sessions

Where do I find the link to log into my ECHO session?

The link to join the monthly live sessions is located on the course page in LearnUpon. Click the orange ‘Start’ button and then complete the brief pre-session evaluation.  Then, using the left-hand menu, go to the module titled ‘Live webinar.’ Click the link that says “Join my webinar” on that page. This will launch Zoom. If you can’t find this link, contact us at learnersupport@painbc.ca for live technical support.

I want to register for an additional ECHO session. What should I do? 

Contact us at learnersupport@painbc.ca with the name of the session you’d like to register for. Please do not re-register using the registration form as this slows down the process.

I can’t attend a live BC ECHO for Chronic Pain session. Are sessions recorded?

Yes, all monthly BC ECHO for Chronic Pain sessions are recorded and will be available for registered learners to view. We typically post the recordings within two or three days of the live session.

Where can I view the recorded ECHO sessions?

Recordings of the BC ECHO for Chronic Pain sessions will be posted on LearnUpon two or three days after the live session. To access a recording, log on to LearnUpon, launch the course page and navigate to ‘Webinar recording and session resources’ in the left-hand menu. A link to the recording will be available there.

How do I download my CME certificate for the BC ECHO for Chronic Pain? 

To receive your CME certificate for participating in a BC ECHO for Chronic Pain session, you must complete both the pre- and post-evaluation surveys on LearnUpon. If you joined the live session, your certificate should be available to download immediately upon complete the post-evaluation survey. Note: if you viewed the webinar recording and wish to receive your CME certificate, please contact us at learnersupport@painbc.ca to let us know and we will issue your certificate.

How do I submit an anonymous patient case? 

If you’re a BC health care provider and are registered in the BC ECHO for Chronic Pain, you can submit an anonymous patient case for discussion and to receive personalized recommendations for care and treatment. Click here to submit a case.

If you have a question about submitting a case, get in touch with us at education@painbc.ca.

Webinar questions

Do you record your webinars?

In general, yes. Most webinars are recorded and can be found in our webinar archive. On occasion, we may be unable to share a webinar recording due to the nature of the content (e.g. if it contains findings from unpublished research).

I am a person in pain/patient partner. Can I view your webinars? 

Yes, our webinars are open to everyone – health care providers, researchers, people living with pain, caregivers, and anyone else with an interest. Please note that the content of webinars vary, with some being more clinical in nature while others more general.

Workshop questions

I never received my workshop payment receipt or completion certificate. What should I do? 

Please check your spam folder. If you still cannot find your receipt or completion certificate, get in touch with us at learnersupport@painbc.ca.

I registered for an online workshop. When will I receive login details? 

We will email all registered learners one week before their workshop with instructions for how to join the workshop via Zoom.

Can I download workshop slides beforehand? 

The availability of workshop materials depends on the individual workshop presenter. Please see your email for details and a link to download (if available).

Are your workshops accredited? 

Yes. Please see the individual workshop page for information about accreditation.

Other learner questions

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