Catch Pain BC on Radio and TV from July 8th

July 07, 2015

“For too long, people in pain have been told that the pain is in their heads and that there is nothing that can be done about it. Our campaign aims to dispel these myths.” – Maria Hudspith, Executive Director, Pain BC

Look out for our new ad campaign on TV and radio stations across British Columbia starting July 8th! Pain BC’s recent Humanitarian Award from the British Columbia Association of Broadcasters (BCAB) in the form of over $1 million of free air time will help us raise awareness, deepen our impact, and start a conversation about chronic pain in British Columbia.

The ads we’ve created focus on making chronic pain visible to a wider audience and reducing the stigma around it, highlighting the impact, challenges, and consequences of living with pain on a daily basis. But above all, our message is one of hope. Pain BC is here to provide support, tools, and real connections for people living with pain and those who take care of them.

Our aim is to change pain and change minds!

Our Grateful Thanks

Pain BC’s campaign wouldn’t be possible without the incredibly generous contributions of the following:

  • The British Columbia Association of Broadcasters (BCAB)
  • ​Agency: ​Rethink
  • ​Director: ​Steve Gordon
  • ​Production Company: ​Untitled Films and all the production crew
  • Talent: ​Vanessa Gibeau, Benedict Marsh, and ​Rebecca Shoichet
  • ​Audio/Sound: ​Wave Productions
  • ​Post Production: ​Side Street Post 

We encourage feedback from our supporters; let us know what you think by emailing us at or connecting with us on social media.

Join the conversation around chronic pain today! Here’s how:

Share your story

  • Share your experience with chronic pain along with what gives you hope, on the Pain BC Facebook page
  • Use the hashtag #MyPainIsReal
  • Feel free to include photos or links

Show your support

  • Change your Facebook cover photo to Pain BC’s #MyPainIsReal cover photo
  • Go to the Pain BC Facebook page
  • Right click on the #MyPainIsReal cover photo
  • Select “Save Picture As” and save the photo on your computer
  • Upload the #MyPainIsReal cover photo to your own Facebook profile