Pain BC partners with BC coalition to end distracted driving

May 02, 2017

DId you know that every year, since 2011, distracted driving has killed and injured more people than impaired driving? It is now the leading cause of death and injury on BC roadways. Tragically, it kills an average of 81 people per year and injures tens of thousands more - and it's only getting worse. Along with the emotional and physical impacts on individuals, this places an incredible strain on our public healthcare and insurance systems, making it an issue that truly affects all British Columbians.

Along with the BC Coalition to End Distracted Driving and its members and other partners, we're encouraging all British Columbians to put their phones away, keep their hands on the wheel, and commit to being “present” while driving through the DISTRACTED DRIVING KILLS  initiative. We want to help create awareness about today’s disturbingly dangerous reality on BC’s roads and help promote the prevention of distracted driving. No matter who is calling, what notifications you get, or who is in the backseat – taking your focus away from driving at any time, for any distraction, is NOT WORTH IT! 

The BC Coalition to End Distracted Driving has provided a way to share stories about the devastating impacts distracted driving is causing across the province via a Facebook page. You can also learn more about the Distracted Driving Kills campaign, read different stories, sign up for updates, and get more facts on distracted driving at

Distracted Driving Kills: Coalition Logo