Pain BC's New "Ask the Expert" Series on Live Plan Be

September 12, 2016

Pain BC is excited to be launching a new Ask the Expert Series on the Live Plan Be Forum. This is a live event where users can ask a special guest questions and receive answers in real time. If you want to ask a question, just make sure that you have registered for a free account on Live Plan Be, and are logged in during the time of the event so you can ask questions in the typed Q&A! Think of it as a live chat with an expert, in the model of a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA).

There are no character limits for posts on the Live Plan Be Forum, which makes it a great space for comprehensive, real-time discussions. Don’t have an account yet on Live Plan Be? Create one: 
1. Click “Create Account” in the top right-hand corner of (or watch this short video on how to create an account)
2. Follow the prompts and create your username and password (your username can be anything you like if you wish to remain anonymous). 
3. Start posting on Live Plan Be!

Our first guest in this new series is Dr. Alan Huber, a former ER doctor who lives with chronic pain. Although Dr. Huber is no longer a practicing ER doctor, he can help you better understand how the ER works and how it relates to chronic pain sufferers. He also can give you some tips on how to prepare and present your problem if you have to go to the ER that will hopefully make your visit a positive one. This will take place on September 24; get more details here. In case you missed it, our last Ask the Expert event was held on Reddit with Dr. Ethan Russo on the topic of medical cannabis. You can catch up on that conversation here.

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