Pain Waves podcast has a new home

October 14, 2016

With almost 60,000 listens and counting, Pain BC's Pain Waves podcast is your “go to” for the latest tools, trends, research, and stories on chronic pain - and now it has a new look and a new home! Make sure you update your bookmarks and RSS feeds, because Pain Waves is now on Spreaker.

After changing the format of our show from a call-in radio program to a more traditional podcast, we decided to give Pain Waves a new home to better suit the changes and to it even easier for you to listen and download our episodes. It's the same great content and knowledgeable guests, just in a new place! You can subscribe to the iTunes-compatible RSS feed, like and share your favourite episodes, and listen easily via the Spreaker website. All the old episodes are still available, and of course, new ones are always on the way. 

So take a listen to Pain Waves at our new home, and if you have any questions or know a great guest for an episode, then drop us a line at

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