Health care database FAQ

Finding a health professional for chronic pain can be difficult. Pain BC is launching a database of health professionals and pain-related services available in BC.  The purpose of the database is to connect people to pain resources and services with the hopes of getting people to appropriate pain care faster.

The database is a tool provided by Pain BC; we cannot guarantee that users will find a resource matching their needs or that the resources they find will be what they want. Pain BC does not endorse or advertise the health care professionals and services shared through the database.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please add to the safe sender list of the email account you use to submit your application and manage your listing.

Apply to have your services listed

If you are a health professional or work for an organization that delivers services for people living with pain, your information may be eligible to be published on the Pain BC website through the health care provider database.

Database application form

Manage your listing

If you have your services listed on the Pain BC database and would like to manage the information posted, log in to the Health Care Provider portal here: 

Health care provider web portal

Complete the Application Form with as much detail as you feel comfortable providing to the public. The more information you include, the easier it is for database users to accurately find your information if your services are what they seek.

Database application form

If you have supporting documentation, such as certificates from training or proof of active registration with your college or governing body, please include them. The application form includes the option to attach supporting documentation. Doing so will help Pain BC review your submission faster.


We acknowledge that each person's experience of pain is different and the kinds of services a person might be seeking will vary, as well as what is financially and geographically available across BC. Instead of limiting the database to only include specific pain-related services, any health professional and service that has a connection to pain in any way can be included. Search results on the website are prioritized by those with pain-related credentials and training appearing first, and those without appearing further down in the search results. The database is a tool provided by Pain BC; we cannot guarantee that users will find a resource matching their needs or that the resources they find will be what they want.


Pain BC does not endorse or advertise the health care professionals and services shared through the database. Any submission that includes marketing, promotion of unregulated methods of care, or advertising for unrelated services will not be published. If your submission includes promotion of health products, Pain BC will request you edit your submission before its published and retains the right to remove and deny any listings that do not abide by this request.

  • No promotion or advertising. Any listing trying to sell or promote the purchase of health products will be asked to remove the promotional information and will not be visible to the public until corrected.
  • An active registration with a college or governing body is required. Select the Resource Type, Services Provided, and list all health-related credentials you have so your submission can be vetted. These fields also help generate more accurate search results. If you do not have an active registration with your governing body, your listing will not be publicly visible.
  • Resource types listed in the application form are what we are currently accepting applications for. This field will produce different results depending on whether you are applying as an individual professional or as a clinic, business, or organization. Please select the one that best matches your area of work. If you believe your services fall into a category different from those suggested, please contact us. The types of services included may grow as we learn more about what is available and needed.
  • An email address that is monitored regularly is required. You may choose to mark the email address you enter as “not visible to the public” which will remove the email from what is viewable on the Pain BC website. However, Pain BC requires you provide an email address so that we can contact you about your listing and so that we can create an account for you to manage your listing through the health care provider web portal.

If you are unsure whether or not your submission will be approved, we encourage you to apply anyway. Our staff will reply to you with a request for more information if they believe the information provided is incomplete. Whether your information becomes visible to the public or not, all submissions inform us about the services available, helping us make decisions about what could be listed in the database for public users.

The database is also used by Pain BC’s Pain Support Line to assist clients with finding care and resources. Even if your information is not approved to be included in the public database, your information can be kept as an internal listing for Pain Support Line Support Services staff to reference.

Anyone with internet access will be able to use the database as it is provided for free through the Pain BC website at Find Help | Pain BC

Pain BC collaborated with health professionals and people with lived experience of pain to ensure that the database is useful for providers and the public.

Pain BC’s Pain Support Line staff may also use the database to assist clients with finding appropriate resources. Staff will have access to an internal version of the database to manage admin and maintenance processes. You can include additional information about your business and services and send a private note to Pain BC in your application that will not appear on the website but may be useful for them to consider in case they find your resource for a client.

After you have submitted your application, Pain BC staff will review your information and email you back through the email. It may take a few weeks for us to get back to you and we thank you for your patience as we process your application.

If you are unsure whether your application was received, please do not submit another application as this may result in further delays. We ask that you check your junk mail as it is possible your notification emails have gone there.

To ensure you receive communication from Pain BC regarding your application, please add to the safe sender list of the email account you use to submit your application. The email you use on your application will be used for future communication from Pain BC about your listing and account.

Yes! Some people work for more than one business and would prefer to have these places of work listed separately. You may also be interested in listing an entire business or clinic on its own and having each health care provider that works there apply to be listed individually.

Pain BC strives to maintain the integrity of the database, ensuring there will not be duplicate listings. Please ensure that if you submit more than one application the information is clearly distinct and do not apply more than once to have the same information listed.

To help you better manage your listings, you can request to have multiple listings connected to each other. Simply include a note in the final “Comments” section of the application with the email address you would like to use as the primary contact and the business name and contact information provided in the other listing so we can verify and connect them accurately.

Your log-in credentials will be emailed to you by Pain BC after your application has been submitted.

If you had your information listed with Pain BC prior to 2024 and have not received your log-in credentials, they are on their way! Pain BC is working through batches of listings to ensure that each person contacted has the support of staff to answer their questions. Staff are reviewing updates made to past listings before they are approved to appear on the public-facing website.

If this sounds like you, you should receive an email from Pain BC in winter or spring of 2024. After that time has passed, if you still have not received an email, please contact us.

You can log into the Pain BC health care provider web portal any time to update your information and change your preferences.

A few examples of when it is a good idea to update your listing:

  • Acquired new pain-related training and credentials. Including these in your database listing will improve the search results generated for people using the database website.
  • Contact information changes. Email, phone number, website and more can be included on your listing; keeping this current ensures people can reach you the best way.
  • Address, location, or areas served change.
  • Accessibility options for your services or business change.

Help us review your updates faster by leaving us a note in the Comments section about what you’ve changed so your listing can be viewable to the public again as soon as possible.

If you forget to make a change to your listing throughout the year, don’t worry! The health care provider database has been designed with automated reminders that will be sent to the primary contact email associated with your web portal account.

The reminder email will prompt you to log in and review your information 365 days after the last time the listing was approved.

Any time you update or make a chance to your listing through your health care provider web portal account, a Pain BC staff member will review your listing. All listings that had been publicly visible on the Pain BC database webpage will be temporarily removed while being processed for re-approval.

If your changes result in the need for additional information, you will receive a follow-up email from requesting clarification.

Once your listing has been reviewed and approved, you will receive an email from notifying you that it is publicly visible on the Pain BC website.

Yes! If at any time you would like to have your listing removed from the Pain BC website you can either:

  • Log into the health care provider web portal and update your listing with a note in the business description.
  • Email us at and provide: 
    • Name of the listing 
    • Primary email address(es) associated with the listing 
    • Any other identifying information about the listing that helps us verify it