Chronic Migraine in Primary Care

April 18, 2018 6:30PM

​People with chronic migraine represent the more severe end of the migraine clinical spectrum, and generally have more disability than individuals with episodic migraine. By definition, people with chronic migraine have at least 15 days with ​headache a month, and at least 8 of these days are actual migraine attacks. Chronic migraine is common, with at least 1 percent of the general population suffering from chronic migraine. As a result, it is important that primary care providers are able to diagnose chronic migraine, and initiate therapy, even if specialist help is ultimately required. Well informed primary care physicians may be able to provide all the necessary care for less refractory patients with chronic migraine.

The following webinar highlights:

  • The diagnosis of chronic migraine
  • The diagnosis of medication overuse headache
  • The management of chronic migraine​


This webinar is co-sponsored by WWDPI and Pain BC.