Contemporary Treatment Approaches for Chronic Tendon Pain

December 13, 2018 12:00PM

Many treatments have been recommended for the treatment of chronic tendon pain (tendinopathy). The diversity of possible treatments can challenge patients and their treatment providers. This webinar takes an evidence-informed approach while presenting a contemporary understanding of chronic tendon pain and the best supported approaches to manage it. The results of a recently completed placebo-controlled trial for knee tendon pain are also presented.



Alex Scott

Alex Scott, PhD

Director, Tendon Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Laboratory

Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy, UBC

Dr. Scott's research targets a widespread problem, overuse injuries and chronically painful tendon disorder in workers and athletes. His research has been supported locally by organizations including WorksafeBC and the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, nationally through CFI, CIHR and NSERC, and internationally through the Canada-Scandinavia Foundation, the Swedish Research Council, and the University of Queensland, Queen Mary University of London, and University of Indiana. He maintains active collaborations with Oslo University, Umeå University, and University of Paris. His work has been incorporated into a widely used web-based clinical guideline (UpToDate©).

Dr. Scott’s teaching interests include the principles of mechanobiology and tissue healing-core concepts for the physiotherapy profession. He encourages students to think biologically, and to maintain a questioning and open approach to the art and science of physiotherapy. Building students’ confidence in the concepts of mechanobiology and tissue pathology will empower them, as clinicians, to advocate for an active rehabilitation approach with patients and colleagues.