Pain and Therapeutic Movement: Is a Paradigm Shift Required?

April 12, 2017 2:30PM

We all have a medicine cabinet inside us. This medicine cabinet is filled with resources that provide ways beyond opioids and cannibis and other medications for treating illness and pain. Movement may be one of the most powerful ways to access this medicine cabinet inside us, but not all movement does it, and many with chronic pain seem to have a more challenging time accessing it. Most professionals and people in pain approach movement as something that needs to be completed to get better in the future. As such they move and exercise in a certain manner that doesn't often help us move with more ease or have less pain.

In this webinar, Physiotherapist Neil Pearson discusses the difference that can happen when movement is viewed as a treatment intended to open the medicine cabinet inside.


This webinar is co-sponsored by WWDPI and Pain BC.