Mindful Hand Drumming @ Home

Mindful Hand Drumming @ Home

Stress reduction for pain during COVID-19

Pain BC invites you to join us to explore free, safe and fun ways for our community to connect, relax and try creative new approaches to manage pain and well-being during this unprecedented time.

Mindful Hand Drumming @ Home is part of our new series of live-stream events for people with pain during COVID-19. Pain BC and Rhythm Bliss will be holding three 45-minute mindful and rhythmic hand drumming sessions (no drum required!). The sessions include breathwork, mindfulness-based exercises, stretching, seated and/or standing movements and gentle body drumming.

Evidence suggests that participating in group drumming can help manage stress, improve emotional well-being, and provide a channel for social connectedness.

Mindful Hand Drumming @ Home is delivered live through Zoom, a free online video conferencing system. To attend via Zoom, please register below. The sessions are also simultaneously live-streamed on Pain BC’s Facebook page and session recordings will be available afterwards on Pain BC's YouTube channel.

Upcoming dates and times

Mindful Hand Drumming @ Home sessions were held on April 8, 15 and 22. Anyone interested can still access a recording from a previous session.

Access session recordings

Alexandra JaiAbout the instructor

Alexandra Jai is a hand drumming and yoga teacher, rhythm facilitator, accompanist and performer with over 30 years of experience. A lifelong student of rhythm and movement, Alexandra Jai has studied traditional African, Afro-Cuban, Indian and Middle Eastern Hand Drumming from master drummers across the globe. She is the founder of Rhythm Bliss Studio (formerly Drum Mama Studios), a centre for rhythm and movement meditation serving Vancouver, BC since 2003. She will be leading the session with support from her husband, Michael and son, Benjamin.

Frequently asked questions

To access a Mindful Hand Drumming @ Home session by computer, smartphone or tablet, you can download the Zoom videoconferencing app for free. If you are using a computer and do not wish to download the free app, you will also have the option to connect to Zoom through your web browser when you click on the meeting URL. Please note that we recommend downloading the app as the web version has limited functionality and works best on the Chrome browser. More information about getting started with Zoom is available here.

Those who have registered via Zoom will receive a reminder email with a link to the session. At the scheduled group start-time, simply click on the link you received in the email to be taken to the session.

To attend without registering, head to our Facebook page a few minutes before the start time of the class you are attending to watch the live-stream. If you can't make a live session, you will still be able to access the session recording afterwards by heading to our YouTube channel.

Please note: the username you choose when registering with Zoom will be visible to all other members in attendance. If you wish to remain anonymous, choose a username that does not include your real name.

You do not need a drum to participate in a Mindful Hand Drumming @ Home session. The instructor will provide guidance on how to safely and comfortably drum on your lap.

  • A computer, smartphone or tablet
  • A quiet space
  • A comfortable chair
  • Comfortable clothes
  • No drumming or musical experience necessary

No. Mindful Hand Drumming @ Home sessions are available to all Canadians living with pain.


Dr. Gabor Mate"According to both worldwide, tradition-hallowed human experience and modern research, drumming can be powerfully helpful and healing in times of stress, anxiety and trauma. I have experienced Alexandra’s teachings first-hand. She is a wonderful embodiment and translator of the healing power of the drum. I highly recommend Alexandra’s work to anyone looking to use the enchantment of rhythm for wellness, stress release and healing." - Dr. Gabor Mate (Order of Canada recipient, world-renowned speaker, best-selling author and expert on addiction, trauma, stress and childhood development)

Dr. Brenda Lau"Alexandra has a unique gift for using hand drumming, rhythm and movement for healing and wellness. I have studied drumming with Alexandra and her classes release stress, calm the mind and are a joy to participate in. I highly recommend her teaching and the Rhythm Bliss program, and do so whole-heartedly." - Dr. Brenda Lau, MD, FRCPC, FFPMANZCA, MM, CGIMS, CIPS (Founder & Medical Director, ChangePain; Clinical Associate Professor, UBC Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics)

Interested in continuing with mindful hand drumming?

Rhythm Bliss offers a monthly membership that provides participants with unlimited access to weekly live-stream hand drumming classes and more than 200 videos focusing on rhythm meditations, instructional videos, pre-recorded live classes and movement practices. As a supporter of Pain BC, Rhythm Bliss will offer you a reduced membership rate of $20/month (44 percent off the regular rate). Find out more.


If you have questions about participating in a Mindful Hand Drumming @ Home session, get in touch with us at communciations@painbc.ca.