Support for Friends and Family




It takes strength, patience, and energy to support a person living with pain. It feels hard because it is hard. Your relationship may feel tense, you may not know what they expect, and you may feel as though everything has been dumped in your lap.

You may feel overwhelmed, but you’re not alone. Get the help you need, so you’re better able to support those in pain.

Pain BC's Friends and Family Brochure

Pain BC is here to support you, too. Gain practical tips and encouragement from Pain BC's friends and family brochure. Read our Friends and Family brochure here.

Pain Support Line

Do you need immediate help? Our volunteers advocate for people in pain and their families, connecting you with services and support that go beyond your doctor’s office. Find out more.

Live Plan Be

A free online self-management tool for people living with chronic pain and their families. Connect with others who are caring for those in pain through the online forum or learn about the science of pain and how to manage it. Find out more.

Join Pain BC's social media community

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, please join us on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll find thousands of British Columbians who live with chronic pain, and their friends and families, who know what you’re going through. Join our supportive community.

Family Caregivers of British Columbia 

Family Caregivers of British Columbia is a registered non-profit charity dedicated 100% to supporting family caregivers. Most of us have cared for aging, ailing, or disabled loved ones and have experienced firsthand the stress, joy, confusion, and feelings of purpose that come with caregiving. There are more than 1 million people in BC providing 80% of the care for a family member or friend. We’re here to help family caregivers navigate this often exhausting, but also rewarding, role. Go to