Pain Support and Wellness Group Comfort Agreement

Everyone who participates in an online Pain Support and Wellness Group must read and agree to the terms of the following comfort agreement.

Terms of the agreement 

  1. All personal information is shared in confidence and is not to be repeated outside of the support group, either by participants or facilitators. In order to ensure safety, limitations to confidentiality will occur in the event of:
    • Intention to harm oneself or others
    • Suspected child abuse or neglect
    • Suspected elder abuse or neglect
    • Suspected abuse of a disabled individual
  2.  Please find a private space when you will be joining the group meeting. If you are in a shared space, please use headphones and keep your screen away from others in the room to preserve confidentiality of all participants.
  3. The purpose of the support group is to provide a safe space where open sharing, support and healing can take place. It is your and every other participant’s responsibility to create that environment.
    • Be respectful
    • Listen without interrupting 
    • Everyone has the right to pass and only listen
    • Honour all opinions without judgement
    • Use first person language (“I” statements)
    • Share the group’s time so that everyone who wishes to share has an opportunity to do so.
    • Don’t give unsolicited advice
  4. Do not use the support group for commercial gain or to advertise any products or services to the other group members.
  5. Zoom chat is strictly for sharing resources and NOT for social conversations.
  6. It is recommended to use the “Raise Hand” feature to control questions and comments from the group members.
  7. To build community and rapport, it is recommend for group members to turn ON their video and please mute yourself when others are speaking

You will be asked to agree to these terms when registering for a session.