Chronic pain events and resources in the Elk Valley

January 20, 2020

Upcoming events

No events are scheduled a this time. 



Pain education

Tame the beast

Start slow, go slow. You need to practice a lot.

Understanding Pain in less than 5 minutes and what to do about it! 

Live Plan Be

One minute lessons on hot pain topics: Understanding pain, mind & goals, sleep and pain, medications, relationships

Learn about the science behind pain

Chronic pain management lecture series 

Treating pain using the brain

Pain: Is it all just in your mind?

Getting a Grip on Pain and the Brain 

Pain: Do You Really Get It?


Self-management tools

Visit the Live Plan Be self-management portal to get started with a self-assessment and set realistic and meaningful goals

Use the Chronic Pain Management Roadmap as a self-management guide to support you on your pain journey

Use a Daily Pain Diary to help your doctor help you

Check on the Pain Toolkit 

Try meditation

Check out these apps: Headspace; Calm 

Learn about Box Breathing

Try mindfulness

Supporting tools offered by the University of Victoria for people with chronic pain:

  • Tool Kit for Active Living + Calls Program: Available for chronic Conditions, chronic pain or diabetes. Participants engage in a 45 minute small group conference call for six weeks with program leaders and three other participants to learn how to better manage their chronic health conditions, chronic pain or diabetes. 
  • Tool Kit for Active Living with Chronic Conditions, Chronic Pain or Diabetes Program: This evidence-based program includes tools for managing your chronic condition or pain in a one-time mailing. It offers an alternative method for those who cannot or do not wish to attend a small group workshop online. The self-tailored tool kit contains:
    • Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions, 5th Edition book
    • Relaxation for Mind and Body CD
    • An exercise CD with accompanying booklet
    • A self-test to help decide how to use the materials
    • Tip sheets on the most important self-management tools
  • Better Choices, Better Health Online Self-Management Program: This is a web-based, six-week program in which groups of people living with a variety of ongoing health conditions participate together. Content of this online program includes:
    • Techniques to deal with problems such as frustration, fatigue, pain and isolation
    • Exercise for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility, and endurance
    • Use of medications
    • Communicating effectively with family, friends, and health professionals
    • Healthy eating
    • Making informed treatment decisions
    • Disease-related problem solving
    • Advanced directives

You are not alone

Meet Bob! View this chronic pain patient video by Wendy Brown, created for Powell River Division of Family Practice

Hear from others who live with chronic pain

Connect with others on the Live Plan Be Forum or on Pain BC's Facebook page

Learn more and get involved 



Moseley, GL & Butler, D (2017) Explain Pain Supercharged, Adelaide Australia: Noigroup Publications

Moseley, GL & Butler, D (2015) The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer, Adelaide Australia: Noigroup Publications

Neil Pearson (2007). Understand Pain Live Well Again: Life is Now


Local activity resources

In Fernie:

  • Active Fit: This is a 45 minute higher intensity water workout, utilizing both shallow and deep water.  For those that would like a high pace workout with less joint stress, this is for you! This drop-in program is free with the price of admission. Gentle Fit: This is a 45 minute lower intensity workout. Ideal for those with joint ailments or injuries. Get fit with this workout without a lot of stress to the joints. This drop-in program is free with the price of admission. Check out the calendar.
  • Indoor Walking Club: Improve fitness and enjoy a safe and temperature-controlled environment. This free program is offered at the Fernie Community Centre Tuesday and Wednesdays from 8:30am to noon and Thursdays from 8:30am to 10am. Find out more.
  • Gentle Yoga: Free Chair Yoga open to everyone on Tuesdays at 11am at the Senior Citizens Drop-in Centre. Call 250-423-3312 for more info.
  • Gentle Yoga for the Soul (women-only) at the Women’s Resource Centre. Find out more online or by calling 250- 423-4687

In Sparwood:


Other local resources


  • Senior Citizens Society 250-423-3312
  • Kootenay Seniors
  • Get access to the free provincial Advanced Care Planning Guide here or call 811 for more info (Healthlink BC)

Substance use

  • Opioid Agonist Therapy clinic in Sparwood and Cranbrook intake line 1-877-489-4344
  • Alcoholics Anonymous offers support & information for individuals with alcohol-related problems. Cranbrook 250-426-3876 or Fernie 250-423-2131


  • Columbia Basin Family Resource counselling programs
  • Elk Valley Family Society offers affordable housing programs. Call 250-423-4213


Need some help?

Call the Pain Support Line at 1-844-880-PAIN

Get a referral to Coaching for Health 

Join an online Pain Support and Wellness Group

Are you feeling low, stressed or anxious? Check out BounceBack or call 1-866-639-0522


More resources

Pain BC

Canadian Pain Society online resources

Canadian Pain Task Force

Local substance use resources 


Resources for health providers

Pain BC education for health providers 

Retrain Pain

Pain Toolkit - resources for health providers