Support Programs

Pain Support and Wellness Groups 

Pain Support and Wellness Groups allow people living with persistent pain to meet regularly online and build a community of support while learning about pain, pain management and coping strategies. Groups are free to access and meet online twice a month. Each two-hour session allows you to share your experiences, discuss self-management skills and take part in gentle movements as a group.

Coaching for Health 

Coaching for Health is a free telephone coaching program designed to help people living with pain learn self-management skills, regain function and improve well-being. The program gives you an opportunity to regularly talk to someone who gets what it takes to live with pain. Together, you can explore how to shift your life, lighten your days, manage pain, and successfully reach your goals for a return to function, confidence and hope.

Pain Support Line

The Pain Support Line offers free information, support and a listening ear to help empower people living with pain and their loved ones to find support and advocate for themselves. Connect one-on-one with a trained staff member by email or phone.

Making Sense of Pain: Online

Making Sense of Pain: Online is a free nine-week program from Pain BC designed to empower you to improve your quality of life and well-being. Learn about the science behind pain as well as the best practices for managing and healing from it.