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Resilience is an important part of managing life with chronic pain. It is the process of adapting when faced with adversity, trauma, threats or significant sources of stress. It grows as we overcome difficult challenges and can actually leave us with more strength than we started with. Here are some tips that can help with building resilience.

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Self-advocacy is the ability to speak up for what you need. Self-advocacy also means knowing your rights and about your pain condition so that you can be an “active manager” in your health. With good self-advocacy skills, you can be more confident in taking responsibility and control over your pain management.

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Self-compassion is a key component of maintaining a healthy and well-balanced approach to self-care. This fact sheet shares some ways of practicing self-compassion in everyday life.

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Youth Who Live with Pain

If you are a youth who lives with pain, you may feel unsure of where or who to turn to for help. Your experience with pain can have physical, psychological, and financial effects. Here are some things you can do and resources you can explore.

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