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Pain BC offers free interdisciplinary webinars for health care providers on the latest science, research and technology being utilized to better understand, treat and manage chronic pain. Register for an upcoming free, live webinar or view our archive of past webinar recordings below.

Understanding Fear-Avoidance Beliefs and Chronic Pain

In this webinar, Dr. Gatchel helps us understand what fear-avoidance beliefs and behaviours are, how they affect people with chronic pain, and what tools and treatments can be used to help people with pain reduce those beliefs.

Charting the Brain's Pain Map: Why Mine is Different Than Yours

​Dr. Karen Davis discusses the ways brain imaging and behavioural measurements are used to chart "pain maps" and show differences between the way brains respond to pain.

Chronic Pain Self-Management Support with Pain Science Education and Exercise

Chronic pain often interferes with a person’s ability to function and participate in important activities in life. Many people with chronic pain suggest effectively managing pain includes finding ways to gain function and get back to these activities.

Mindfulness, Emotions and Pain Treatment

Chronic pain is a challenging condition resulting in disability, emotional upheaval and family dysfunction.

Identifying the Differences between Depression and Pain-Related Distress

Many people who live with chronic pain report that they also suffer from low mood, irritability, and withdrawal from activities and relationships.

What Emergency Physicians Need to Know about Caring for Patients with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects 20% of British Columbians, yet few physicians understand the myriad conditions that cause it, or how to treat it.

Pain-related Distress: Recognition and Appropriate Interventions

Many people who live with chronic pain report that they also suffer from low mood, irritability, and

Exercise Management for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – The Evidence and Current Approaches

This webinar examines the current evidence for exercise management, and also discusses types of exercise modalities and the effects on fatigue and immune function, which may prove useful for clinical exercise practice.

The Difference Gender and Sex Make to Work Disability Outcomes

This webinar discusses how accounting for sex and gender in work and health research can make a difference in our understanding of health outcomes and health services, with a focus on work related illness, injury, and disability.

Targeting Pain and Prescription Opioid Misuse with Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement

In this webinar, Dr. Eric Garland discusses his research on the clinical benefits and neurobiological mechanisms of Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement, a novel therapy designed to target chronic pain and prevent opioid-related problems.

Empowering People in Pain to Make Peace with Sleep

In the following webinar, Dr. May Caprio provides an overview of the bi-directional relationship between sleep and pain, along with treatment options available for people in pain who concurrently experience ongoing issues with sleep.

Chronic Pelvic Pain: Thinking Outside the Box

What are the causes and possible contributors to chronic pelvic pain? Dr.

Chronic Pain: Is it All in the Brain?

In this webinar, Dr. Cervero helps us identify the brain mechanisms that generate the transition from acute to chronic pain and that contribute to pain hypersensitivity. He also discusses therapies that address this enhanced pain sensitivity caused by the brain.

Opioids: Friend or Foe?

In this webinar, Dr. Furlan discusses the myths and facts around addiction and opioids and teach skills that will help patients and doctors communicate about using opioids for the treatment of chronic pain. 

The Chronic Pain Conundrum: Current Issues in Research, Awareness, Education, and Access to Care

Despite many recent advances in the past 40 years in the understanding of pain mechanisms, and in pain diagnosis and treatment, considerable gaps in knowledge and management remain, with chronic pain present in epidemic proportions in most countries.

Positive Coping with Chronic Pain

This webinar features Dr. Joti Samra, who specializes in developing coping strategies for difficult life situations, including living with chronic pain. Dr. Samra will review the importance of a self-management approach to managing chronic pain and offer valuable insights into the cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) treatment model.